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Thank you for your interest in our tailor-made In Ear systems.

Eartech Motorcycle GPS In Ear Buds are the ultimate Navigation sound solution.They fit under any helmet, stay comfortable, cut down the wind noise, and deliver next-level sound quality. Eartech Customized Motorcycle GPS In Ear Buds are the first ones to be able to clear even the tightest helmets out there. They will never fall out or break seal while putting your helmet on.

How to order:

If you want to purchase one of our tailor-made In Ears follow the instructions below.

First, choose on our website, which Ears piece you would like to order from Eartech. This is where you will choose your material, colour and speaker system. Once we have recieved your order, Eartech will then send you confirmation email.

Secondally, schedule an appointment with a qualified audiologist. This appointment will be for making an open mouth full shell impression. 

Finlly,once you have completed your appoinment with the audiologist, you will then need to send us your impressions as well as the comfirmation email to us and we will then begin the manufacturing of your new custom in-ear monitors.

Post your order confirmation  and ear impressions to the following address:

Eartech In Ear Monitoring 
Postbus 104
3700 AC Zeist

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