Motorcycling hearing protection - earplugs.

Eartech Motorcycling hearing protection - earplugs - music - audio.


Motorcycling hearing protection - Eartech earplugs.



The Eartech motor plug is an excellent choice for motorcycle enthusiasts and individuals involved in motor sports, especially those who wear helmets. Riding a motorcycle exposes riders to high levels of noise, especially when they have a helmet on.

When traveling at speeds exceeding 65 km/h or 40 mph, the noise generated by the airflow over the motorcycle and the rider surpasses the noise produced by the motorcycle itself. Both the engine noise and wind noise can be detrimental to a person's hearing. Beyond a speed of 100 km per hour, motorcyclists are exposed to noise levels that exceed 90 decibels, surpassing the legal limit of 85 decibels at which hearing protection is required by law. Consistently experiencing noise levels above 80 decibels can result in irreversible hearing damage. Wind noise poses a significant challenge for motorcyclists, not only jeopardizing their hearing but also affecting their concentration.


Hearing protection - earplugs for motorcycling.



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    Høreværn - ørepropper Motorcykel (gul) duo pack.
    Høreværn - ørepropper Motorcykel (gul) duo pack.

    Vindstøj fra motoren på motorcyklen kan være enormt skadelig for ørerne. Under en tur på motorcykel skal hårcellerne i øret udholde en masse støj og der er ikke nok tid til at hele. Hvis man efter en tur oplever hyletone…

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